Is Your Dog Food Killing Your Dog?

Allow me to introduce Maddie. She is a 2 year old Golden-Labradoodle mix with some terrier in here (aka a mutt). When we got her, she was filthy, had fleas all over her, and was living on a farm with about 9 or 10 litter-mates. When we asked what food she was eating we were shown a bag of the cheapest stuff you can buy, but it was empty and next to a small pile of veggies...

Team Up with Your Dog to Achieve Ultimate Health

The bond between Canines and Sapiens dates back thousands of years. In fact, it is of very little surprise to learn that the domestication of dogs directly correlates with the domestication of humans. Theories present that it was the relationship between man and dog that allowed both parties to become superior hunters, establish more permanent … Continue reading Team Up with Your Dog to Achieve Ultimate Health