You care about your personal health. You care about your dog’s personal health.

At Bone, Mugs, and Harmony, we combine the two and give you an all-inclusive experience to help you and your dog both reach optimal health.

Whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, we give you and your dog the resources to optimize your health and wellness.  No matter where you or your dog are on your respective health and wellness journey, Bone, Mugs, and Harmony gives you both the tools and resources to become the best versions of yourselves; together!

Canines and Sapiens share many of the same metabolic and degenerative diseases, why not share the path to optimal health? Come join us as we look to make sense of our modern-health world in a way that is engaging for both you and your dog!

Oh, by the way, we love coffee. But that’s just for Sapiens!