Salad Game Changer: Everything But the Lettuce

I had an epiphany recently: I don’t like lettuce. It’s not that it tastes bad or anything, it’s mostly that it’s a lot of work. When I eat large salads, loaded with veggies, nuts, seeds, and topped with a meat, I eventually hit a point where I am sick and tired of chewing. Any time I have the thought of, “Am I done yet?” I am chewing lettuce, not the veggies or other goodies.

Many of you are probably thinking, “But greens are so good for you!” A point with which I completely agree. But perhaps we are misusing greens by putting them in a salad. Dark, leafy greens provide the greatest benefits when they are consumed in large quantities, often at levels that are beyond what is consumed in salads. My suggestion? Add the dark leafy stuff to your smoothies. You can pack much more of a punch and you don’t put yourself in a position of making your food boring.

What about your beloved, healthy salad? How are you going to eat that? I’m glad you asked. Your salads are about to become life changing. I have created salads 2.0, upgraded beyond belief. You will never go back to the old way of eating salad again! Enter: Everything But the Lettuce.


Everything But the Lettuce is exactly as the name states, you eat the salad but you don’t add the lettuce in. The problem you initially face is that when you remove the lettuce, you have some very large gaps and can barely fill a bowl. This is where the power of Everything But the Lettuce comes in. In order to fill the gaps, you should double everything else. Instead of adding a few slices of cucumber, chop up the whole thing. That red pepper you used half of? Bring on the other half.

Being that I am always trying to up my caloric intake and eat hearty meals, I have been adding ingredients that carry a little more weight. In addition to doubling or even tripling the veggies, I add things like half an avocado that really fill you up. Having a variety of your favorite nuts and seeds on hand can also beef up the salad. Of course, meat itself is an excellent way to add bulk and make this meal satisfying.


To finish up, add your favorite healthy oil and a little apple cider vinegar or balsamic, and boom! you have an Everything But the Lettuce Salad. This is not your average salad that makes you feel like you are missing out on a meal or need to scour the fridge for something additional. This will certainly leave you full and satiated.

The icing on the cake is that even though you are, at this particular meal, missing out on the dark, leafy vegetables, you are doubling and tripling up on everything else. Think of all the additional micro-nutrients you are getting by consuming whole peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Even more exciting, you can customize this in an infinite number of ways so it never grows old! We just solved the riddle of “What’s for lunch?” for the rest of your life, you’re welcome!

Bonus Rant: If you really want your salad, make a side salad!


Bonus Bonus Rant: What caused me to discover this in the first place is the fact that every time I add tuna to a salad the tuna gets oddly dispersed throughout the salad and the lettuce always gets soggy and gross. I almost never finished the salads because it would take so long to consume it and I would eventually not be able to stomach it any longer. When I took the lettuce out of the equation, a light bulb went off! Salad game changer.

What do you think about our Everything But the Lettuce salads? Have you tried it? What’s the best combo?

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