Must Try: Ultimate Focus Coffee Recipe

If you have read any of our work, then you certainly know that we are fans of Dave Asprey, specifically his bulletproof coffee. We even wrote our own article about bulletproof coffee (read: Adding Fat to Your Coffee, Bulletproof Style) to help readers get a better understanding of what it is. Although we love the traditional bulletproof coffee, we at have found an even better version that gives us an even more substantial increase in focus, along with a rich, creamy texture. May we introduce, Ultimate Focus Coffee?


Traditional Bulletproof Ingredients:

Organic coffee (8-10 ounces)

Obviously if you are making bulletproof coffee you need coffee. We prefer to use organic, although organic does not always mean that it is the best. We look for coffee that is ethically sourced and commits to creating the best coffee possible while caring for their workers and the environment. There are plenty of options available on Amazon and reading the reviews will give you a very good idea as of to what is worth it and what should passed over.

One thing that has radically changed our approach to coffee is buying whole beans. We are not quite at the point where we source and roast our own, but buying whole beans gives the coffee a much fresher taste. Sure it takes a little extra time to grind, but if you get 2-3 days supply out of each grind, the coffee stays plenty fresh and tastes noticeably different. Even better, it is cheaper to buy whole bean!

MCT Oil (1-2 teaspoons)

If you are not yet familiar with MCT Oil, stop what you are doing now and read our article about (read: What is MCT Oil?) this special type of fat. This, along with grass-fed butter, is what will give you the ability to have sharp mental focus along with the ability to suppress hunger. When you make bulletproof coffee, or Ultimate Focus Coffee, you are essentially hacking fasting and allowing your body to run on an alternative source of energy called ketones. It is a super clean source of energy that gives you a sense of calm, focus, and energy all at the same time.

*We always note, if you have never tried MCT oil, start with a small amount (one teaspoon) as it has a laxative effect.


Grass-fed butter (1 tablespoon)

You can’t beat butter from grass-fed cows. Packed with anti-inflammatory properties and MCT’s, grass-fed butter is a superstar in your coffee. You may be turned off by the idea of putting butter in your coffee, but don’t knock it until you try it! Adding grass-fed butter (not standard butter, it does make a difference in taste and health-effects) adds a rich, creamy taste to your coffee that froths when blended. It completely changed how we perceive coffee and coffee without butter, although still delicious, isn’t quite the same!

Ultimate Focus Coffee Additional Ingredients

Organic Reishi Powder (1000 mg)

Reishi is a mushroom that is on the up and up. Like many mushrooms, they are traditionally found in Chinese and Asian medicine and many of their beneficial properties are starting to become popularized here in the west. Reishi is a superstar in that it boosts immune function which leads to increased protection against a whole onslaught of diseases and conditions, such as liver disease, cancers, allergies, inflammation, fatigue and on and on.

Reishi coffee has been growing in popularity recently due to its ability to combine this bodily system all-star with our beloved coffee. The problem, that we realized, is that Reishi coffee comes in instant coffee packs. Needless to say, it does not taste very good. To make matters worse, we are unsure how much Reishi is actually in these packets. Those two factors combined with the fact that it simply does not taste good caused us to turn away from Reishi.


However, we decided to instead by Reishi powder so that we could control the dose and so that we could add it to our rich, flavorful, organic coffee. This way we knew we were getting a dose large enough to benefit our bodies and didn’t have to sacrifice taste.

The first time we added Reishi we realized that we had a game changer. We were expecting mushroom to add a weird texture or make the coffee less delicious. Boy, were we wrong! Reishi gives bulletproof coffee a mocha-feel and adds a light, airy consistency that is absolutely astounding. It compliments the grass-fed butter perfectly and adds a beautiful red hue to the coffee.

Improved taste, texture, and immunity? You can’t afford not to add Reishi to your coffee!

Adrafinil (roughly 30 mg)

Reading all of Dave Asprey’s books, we kept seeing modafinil. It is a prescription drug that has similar effects to Ritalin or Adderall, but with lesser side effects. Dave would explain that because he had such poor mitochondrial function, he would have to take modafinil for years in order to be productive and have the focus and energy needed to keep up with his busy lifestyle. Although he needed it, he preached about it’s effects and the positives of using it.

Along with modafinil, a natural alternative called adrafinil was mentioned. It falls under the category of nootropics (read: What is a Nootropic?) and come in capsule or powder form, without a prescription. The effects of adrafinil are very similar to that of modafinil because they work on the same pathways, but adrafinil has a shorter half-life, or time that it has an effect on you. Although this may seem like a negative for some, we saw it as a positive. By having a shorter half-life, we knew that we could have greater control over the effects of the the supplement.


Additionally, since adrafinil is a supplement, it is available without a prescription. This means that instead of going to a doctor’s office and trying to persuade her to give us a script, we could simply hop online and have it within a couple of days, which we did. We initially took it in capsule form, without coffee, as we were unsure of its stimulant effects. Although we were impressed, we noticed that we still needed our coffee.

Reducing the dose of adrafinil and adding it to coffee was the answer we were looking for. Although it takes an hour or so to kick it, when it does it is a powerful tool. Adrafinil does not give you a surge of energy or make you feel like you need to run through a brick wall, rather words and ideas just flow. In fact, it improves your flow state very naturally. Sometimes you don’t even realize that it is having an effect on you until you start writing and you realized that you have not paused or hit the backspace button in ten minutes.

Since our initial order of adrafinil capsules, we have since ordered the powder form and add roughly 30 mg to our coffee prior to blending. This is the perfect amount for us and allows us to combine the powers of adrafinil and caffeine for ultimate focus.


Putting It All Together

Making Ultimate Focus Coffee is a breeze. Simply add all your ingredients to a blender, blend on low for 7-10 seconds, pour in your favorite mug, sip, and enjoy! In order to get even more of a brain boost, we recommend taking the dog for a walk once you finish your coffee. This will give you all the benefits of Ultimate Focus Coffee, plus the benefits of physical activity. By the time you get back, the adrafinil will have had time to kick in and your brain will be primed to crush your day!

Have you tried our Ultimate Focus Coffee recipe? What did you think! We want to know, leave a comment below!

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