5 One Time Purchases You Need to Make

Sometimes the initial cost of a purchase prevents us from pulling the trigger. Instead, we spend repeatedly on the “cheaper” version. This has the potential to not only negatively effect our wallets, but our health as well. Below we outline 5 purchases that you can make right now in order to save money in the long run. Best of all, each of our recommendations has health benefits!

1. Glass Tupperware


Stop buying cheap, plastic containers. Sure, you lose them frequently and can’t bring yourself to spend the money on the better options. Glass Tupperware gives you the peace of mind that you are not leaching BPA and other harmful chemicals into your food and body. What we love most about using glass is that they are so much easier to clean. You don’t get stained, gross storage containers and, as a result, the Tupperware lasts much longer.

One of the biggest push-backs we hear in regards to using glass is that people are fearful that they are going to drop it. Rest assured, these things are tough. We have dropped our Tupperware many–a-times only to pick them up without a scratch. Sure, you should use a little extra caution when using them but they are a sturdy, quality option for food storage.

2. Mason Jars


It wouldn’t be fair to talk about tough, durable glassware without talking about mason jars. Mason jars are not just for pickles, moonshine, and rusty nails. These bad boys can do it all. We highly recommend buying them in all sizes and certainly in bulk. You will be astonished by how many uses you find for them. In fact, no matter how many mason jars we buy, we somehow always find ourselves buying more.

We first started using mason jars to drink out of. Regular glasses weren’t cutting it for the amount of water that we consume each day and we realized that having a large 32 oz mason jar around at all times made for less trips to the faucet. Since then, it has become our primary storage method for nuts, seeds, ground coffee, and many other kitchen items. We even have jumbo sized ones that we store bone broth or bulk soup in.

No matter what you decided to use them for, mason jars are an all-purpose tool that can add many benefits to your home. With their low price tag and their ability to maintain their function for years on end, mason jars are a must buy.

3. Salt and Pepper Grinders


Not shakers, grinders! If your nutritional plan is based around eating whole, natural foods then salt (specifically Pink Himalayan) and pepper are probably a staple in your kitchen. We got to the point where we were buying a new salt grinder from Trader Joe’s almost every two weeks. The problem was that it was 5 or 6 dollars each time and that the cheap, plastic grinders usually broke down by the time we got to the bottom.

Like we do when we make the majority of our purchases, we hopped on Amazon and ordered a couple of stainless steel grinders for $12.99. That’s right, stainless steel. Which would you rather grind something with, plastic or stainless freakin’ steel?

In addition to the grinders, we got a 2 pound bag of Pink Himalayan Salt ($8.49) and a pound of Black Peppercorns ($9.95). Our grand total on the purchase was roughly $31, not bad! Some of you might think that that is a lot of money to be spending on salt and pepper, but when you consider that the Trader Joe’s Pink Himalayan Salt is a little over $6 for just 4.5 ounces, you soon begin to see how the purchase makes sense. Not to mention, this one time purchase will potentially last you the entire year!

4.  Espresso Machine

IMG_8801 copy.jpg

Of all the purchases on the list, this is certainly the most expensive. With the biggest expense, however, comes the opportunity to save the most money. A top of the line espresso machine can run you into the thousands of dollars. It is possible to get a machine that delivers a quality espresso for under $200.

We have had our espresso machine for over two years and only paid around $120. Does it make the world’s best espresso? Probably not. Is it just as good as most coffee shops? You bet. And instead of paying $5 for a latte or a cappuccino at-home lattes break down to around $0.51!

What adds to it’s value even further is that you can put exactly what you want in your espresso drink. Instead of dairy or sugar-laden nut milks, you can opt for the unsweetened versions. You also have the opportunity to experiment with different types of espressos and finding that one that you like best. All of a sudden, you are drinking an organic, mold free, Rainforest Alliance Certified espresso for two quarters instead of drinking a $5 health-bomb in a cup!

5. Nail Dremel


For the longest time, we simply didn’t cut Maddie’s nails. No matter what type of nail clippers we bought, Maddie would not let us anywhere near her nails. We didn’t trust bringing her to the groomer (we groom her ourselves anyway) and she seemed content with chewing her nails, so we let her do her thing.

When we finally found a holistic vet that we liked, she preached to us the importance of maintaining Maddie’s nails and offered to cut them for $28. At the time, we didn’t hesitate a moment and told her to go for it. It was amazing not hearing Maddie’s nails clicking on the kitchen floor, and she seemed much more comfortable.

After a few more trips, though, I began to start thinking, “I can do that!” Another trip to amazon.com and $30 later, I had a dremel in my hands. After a couple of weeks of stalling, we finally decided to give it a try. It wasn’t completely smooth and free of frustration, but we got the job done with relative ease. For just about the amount we spent on one nail trimming service at the vet, we now had the tool to do it ourselves.

***There are a few safety precautions you need to make when using a dremel on your dog’s nails. Be sure to read all instructions and warnings thoroughly.

There you have it! 5 purchases to make that will benefit your wallet and your health! What did you think of our list? We want to know! Leave a comment below!

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