Coffee Meditation: 5 Minutes to Peace and the Best At-Home Coffee You’ve Ever Had

Morning routines can be a blessing or a curse. For those of you that strategically plan out your mornings and stick to a schedule, it is perhaps one of your favorite times of day. It is filled with personal development, productivity, and little victories that get your day off to the right start. For others, mornings are a whirlwind that involve unnecessary stress, rushing, and worst of all, bad coffee.
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If you are anything like us, you get excited to go to sleep at night because the mornings mean spending time relaxing with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Especially so, since we have been experimenting with different roasts of coffee beans.

When we tell people that we use a Chemex (well, a bootleg Chemex), we are often greeted with a dirty and confused look. It is hard for other people to grasp the fact that we go through the methodical process of making coffee. The vast majority of people use a standard drip coffee maker or a Keurig. For us, those methods yield watery, weak brews that lack in taste and quality. Not to mention that we can’t seem to bring ourselves to brew our morning cup of Joe using hot water and plastic.

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Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been in the drip/Keurig camp before. We have now seen greener pastures though and there is no way we are going back. When you experience the rich, hearty flavor of a Chemex brewed cup of coffee, you will wonder how you ever spent your time drinking such miserable coffee. Another plus is the fact that you are not limited to what comes inside the tiny pods – with a Chemex you can freely mix coffee, such as half caff, or add in another 2 scoops for a bolder flavor.

Many effective morning routines not only include a cup of coffee, but making time for some form of meditation or mindfulness. We have noticed that when you first wake up, you don’t always need to have a full out meditation session in order to find a mindful state. Your brain is already in a relaxed state from the restful sleep you got last night. Morning meditation can be quite challenging because you are thinking of all the things you need to get done that morning and/or that day. This is where our specialty hack comes into play: Coffee Meditation.

man pouring water

As we started getting good at brewing our pour over coffee, we started to pay attention to the details. We noticed the color of the coffee, the bubbling, and whether or not the grinds were rising too fast. The deliciousness of the freshly brewed coffee enticed us to pay more and more attention to the brewing process. Suddenly, we had the realization that we were not stressing about our day or what needed to get done each morning. The only thing that mattered in those 5 minutes was coffee. And we love coffee.

It was with this that we had the realization that the process of making coffee with the Chemex was not simply a coffee making process, but a meditation practice as well. It started to become more of an art. We were slowing ourselves down, being present, and being cognizant of what was happening in the now. When you look at the total time that we were using, it’s really hard to argue that you don’t have 5 minutes somewhere in your morning.

If you really think about it, the time spent on making a cup of drip/Keurig coffee versus a pour over really does not vary greatly. By the time you think about pouring water, putting the coffee in the filter, and clean up, it really only boils down to a difference of two or three minutes. Can you find two or three minutes in order to have a mindful moment and an amazing cup of coffee? We think, yes. You can even try making a to-do list the night before, ensuring that your morning will be dedicated to your coffee meditation.

art blur cappuccino close up

The best, BEST, part about all of this? You are getting the highest quality cup of home coffee you will ever taste. One of the negatives, depending on how you look at it, is that you will develop a highly palatable taste for coffee, especially if you are using high quality, organic coffee. This will make coffee from the big players (you know who they are) less enjoyable. Gas station and convenience store coffee will be encased with a sign that says “break in case of emergency only.” Your coffee world will be rocked.

So, if we haven’t convinced you then we now challenge you. Ditch the drip or the Keurig and brew yourself a pour over coffee for a week. While the water is heating, feel free to continue your morning routine. But, once the brewing process begins, pay full attention to coffee making only.

If you hate the process and it is not worth it in your eyes, come back and yell at us all you want. If you love it (and we know you will), enjoy your coffee and then leave us a comment telling us your favorite type of coffee so far!

For the best understanding on the Chemex brewing process, check out our article Newest addition to our coffee repertoire: “The Chemex”.


Love it or hate it? We want to know! Leave a comment below!

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