5 Amazing Father’s Day Gifts for Dog Dads

Dads are awesome. They tell fantastic jokes, have impeccable dance moves, and bring a strong sense of fashion and style. At least they do in their minds. There is a class of dads that often get forgotten this time of the year: Dog Dads. Whether they are fathers to both humans and canines, or just canines, Dog Dads are a special breed.

In order to honor these astute gentlemen, we at bonemugsandharmony.com have comprised a list of gift ideas to help you show your Dog Dad how much you appreciate all that he does. For those of you that are late to the party, read quickly! Many of these items are available on Amazon and could make it here in time!

1. Friendship Collar


Friendship Collars might not be the most masculine sounding things, but nothing says Dog Dad like rocking a bracelet that matches your dog’s collar. Friendship Collars give Dog Dads the opportunity to proudly boast that they have the best dog in the world, and that they are proud of it. Although many of the bonds between dog and Dad can’t get much stronger, the Friendship Collar can really seal the deal.

Dads can sometimes be picky and hard to buy gifts for. Luckily for you, Friendship Collar has been blowing up lately and offers an abundance of options that can appeal to any Dog Dad. Whether the old man loves showing American Pride, is an outer space fanatic, or simply likes clean cut designs, Friendship Collar can meet his needs. If you simply can’t decide, a gift card can give that special Dog Dad his own choice in finding the perfect fit!

***Use code BONEMUGS at checkout for 15% off!

2. FitBark


Is your Dog Dad into fitness and personal health? Then the FitBark is a must buy. The FitBark is a fitness wearable that attaches to your dog’s collar (for the full breakdown, check out our complete review of the FitBark2). It allows users to identify and monitor dog fitness levels. This can be extremely motivating for the Dog Dad who wants to make sure that his dog is properly exercised and physically active.

If your beloved Dog Dad happens to have a Fitbit, Jawbone, or uses HealthKit, then the FitBark becomes even more powerful. The FitBark app allows users to pair their fitness wearable in order to track progress together. What an amazing way to strengthen the bond between dog and Dad!

3. Doggie Cam


Many Dog Dads ponder what their dog is doing while Dad is at work. We hope they are comfortable, safe, and not doing anything destructive. There is also the question of what your dog does as soon as you leave. Does she sit at the door for hours? Does she shrug it off and not even care?

With a doggie cam, Dog Dads no longer have to worry about the answers to these questions. Dad will have the ability to check in with the pooch at anytime and gain peace of mind. It can even give you a mood boost and make you feel as if you are hanging with your pup. I have personally spent many lunches at work with my camera on, hanging with Maddie, even if she doesn’t know it.

Many cameras offer two way audio so you cannot only hear what’s going on at your house, you can chime in and say hello to your pup. Although this is an awesome feature, be sure to test it out first. Some dogs get a little spooked by the mystery voice coming from the camera and don’t realize that it is you. Everyone is different though!

There are tons of cameras available varying greatly in quality and price. We have used this one for over a year and it does everything we need and more. With night vision, two-way audio, and the ability to take videos and pictures, you really can’t beat it for the price (just shy of $37).

4. Ball Launcher


These things are awesome. If your dog likes running and playing fetch, your Dog Dad needs a ball launcher. We know Dad, you have a cannon for an arm already and can throw further than all the kids you grew up with. But let’s be honest, your arm ain’t what it used to be. Even if it is, think of how far you can throw with the ball launcher!

Ball launchers live up to their name. Once you get the release point down, you can send the ball into orbit with little effort. An added benefit of the ball launcher is that you don’t need to pick to ball up with your hands. Although Dog Dads are the first ones to get down and dirty, it is a luxury to be able to play fetch without getting dirt or slobber all over your hands.

There are also a lot of options available for ball launchers, we recommend the Chuckit! Sport Launcher Ball Thrower.

5. Personalized Doggy Dad Gear


This is certainly the cheesiest gift on our list, but isn’t that what being a Dog Dad is all about? There are tons of gifts that you can find for your Dog Dad ranging from paintings to mugs to even socks. A pair of socks with Maddie all over them was my gift last year and I loved it. It’s fun when people notice the dog on your socks and you tell them that its not a dog, it’s your dog.

You can certainly keep the apparel simple and just make a statement such as the “Best. Dog. Dad. Ever.” shirts that are widely available. We say let loose, have some fun, and take advantage of all the creative minds out there.

The one that we most recommend is one that we have not bought, but it is at the top of our list, Crown and Paw. Crown and Paw allows you to add your dog’s face to a variety of tasteful Renaissance pictures, such as royalty or military veterans that will leave your pup looking like a queen or Napoleon. Even better, especially for all you Game of Thrones fans, Crown and Paw has options such as Lady and King of the North, Hand of the Queen, and Mother of Dragons. Hard to beat that as a Father’s Day gift!

There you have it! Five amazing gifts for the loving Dog Dad in your life. Whether it is Father’s Day, a birthday, or just because, these gifts will surely please all Dog Dads! As always, be sure to let us know what you think of our list in the comments below!

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