Will My iPad Give Me Cancer?

I was recently discussing the health effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) with a group of students. In the midst of our discussion, I was posed with an interesting question. “Will my iPad give me cancer?” I realized what was going through this young man’s mind at the moment and his question was not completely farfetched. We have a tendency to think in black and white and an even greater tendency to think in the now. The inability to separate short-term causes with long-term effects is partially responsible for the current state of health throughout the country and world.
I was able to answer the question by making a comparison to another area of health; eating. I explained that it is well known that excess sugar is harmful to your health. If you eat one cookie, are you going to all of a sudden going to put on 100 pounds of fat, become diabetic, and face an onslaught of other health issues? No! But, if you eat a bowl of Captain Crunch washed down with a chocolate milk for breakfast, a fried chicken patty on a roll with french fries and potato chips for lunch, pizza with garlic knots for dinner, Oreos for a snack before bed, and repeat similar meals each day, you will very quickly begin to see health consequences.

burger and fried potatoes on plate

The build up of tiny decisions over time is what leads us to a state of poor health and increased disease. When you are not only bombarding your body with food, but with the wrong types of food, you tax your body and eventually your body loses. It can start a lot quicker than you think and include conditions such as headaches, upset stomach, or brain fog. If you fail to make adjustments and changes then you may, sooner than you think, begin to see profound effects on your health. The current trends in childhood obesity and diabetes are a testament to how quickly our choices can wreak havoc on our bodies.
Looking back at the iPad question, using your iPad can be compared to eating one cookie. If you are only on your iPad for a short amount of time you will not magically get cancer. However, when we take into account all of the other variables that can contribute to EMF exposure (Wifi, cell phones, laptops, power lines, microwaves, x-rays, etc.) we can begin to see that exposure becomes rampant and can quickly have negative effects which, yes, can potentially lead to a negative outcome, such as cancer.
Although it is useful to look at compartmentalized areas of health, it is important to check-in with your overall health and see these areas as pieces of a whole. We live in a time where our bodies are getting bombarded from all angles. Our health is not limited simply to the foods we eat. In addition to nutrition and EMF exposure, we have to deal with a slew of potential threats including the ever prevalent endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and general toxins, such as air and water pollution. Think about how much the quality of our air and water has changed in the last 100 years. Now think about how much it has changed in the last 15,000 years!

photography of factory

Our bodies are running on ancient systems. We were not designed to face the level of toxin exposure that we face on a daily basis today and we certainly do not have the tools to adjust and evolve as quickly as we need to without external intervention. This is why it is more important now than even a decade ago to take charge of your health. Eating an unhealthy meal does not equate to an output of one at the end of the day. That meal is added to all the other stressors and toxins that your body is battling and becomes one more of the many things that are setting you up for improper function, sickness, disease, and even an early death.
So, will your iPad give you cancer? Not directly. But when used in combination with a poor diet and constant exposure to other EMFs, EDCs, and environmental toxins, the odds can quickly be stacked against you. Don’t be the average human and accept a fate of ill-will. Get in the drivers seat and take advantage of all the information, materials, and resources available to us and optimize your health, your life depends on it!
How do you combat EDFs, EDCs, and other toxins? We want to know! Leave a comment below!

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