8 Books to Update and Upgrade Your Health in the 21st Century

Let’s face it, health is confusing. It seems that everything you are told is contradicted by something else. What’s healthy one minute is unhealthy the next. If you’re anything like us, you eventually get to the point of paralysis by analysis and throw your hands up in the air.

The truth of the matter is that we are making discoveries and progress at an astounding rate. One reason that so many pieces of information seem to conflict is that we are making more and more advancements every single day. The good news is, we are really starting to figure it out. If you are willing to accept that what is generally accepted is not the absolute truth, then you can be part of a health revolution.

The more we read and research the most relevant materials, the more we start to see commonalities and trends in personal health. The great news is that although there is a ton of information, it is all very manageable once you break it down to its core.

If you are looking to make real change in your personal health and do not want to become another obesity, diabetes, heart disease, or cancer statistic, there are a plethora of resources available to get you on the path to true health. Fortunately for you, we have picked out what we believe are the 8 best books to jump start your journey. These books give you the practical tools to become the youthful, energetic person you want to be and will get you well on your way to becoming the best version of yourself!


1. Game Changers – Dave Asprey


When looking to improve yourself from top to bottom, Game Changers is the place to start. Dave Asprey combines his experiences in biohacking with interviews from some of the top minds in all realms of modern health into a modern day personal health manual. The book is an easy to read format that gets directly to the point and gives actionable items for readers to pursue. Although the book does a great job explaining each topic, it keeps the science fairly light and most topics get directly to the point. Best of all, because Asprey is the founder of biohacking, he looks to help you make meaningful change in the shortest amount of time without sacrificing health.

2. The Metabolic Approach to Cancer – Nasha Winters


The statistics on the prevalence and growth of cancer are bone chilling. If you had, have, or want to prevent cancer, Dr. Winters’ book is a must read. The book debunks common treatments and thoughts aligned with the formation and treatment of cancer. She wakes us up to the world of cancer with a cold bucket of hard facts. Most impressively, Dr. Winters takes all forms of prevention and treatment into consideration. Rather than sitting in one camp, she combines the best of all practices in the hopes of creating the best strategies possible. Much of the content aligns to the other books on our list (unsurprisingly) and since nearly everyone knows someone effected by cancer, this book really hits home. 

3. Wired to Eat – Robb Wolf


Robb Wolf is essentially the father of Paleo. His book gets right down to business and explains the faults in the Standard American Diet (no coincidence, SAD for short). What’s refreshing about Robb’s content is that he does not lose sight of the overall message. He does not preach Paleo brownies, cupcakes, or toilet paper, but rather encourages readers to find what functions best with their body’s individual composition and response systems. Health and Nutrition are very difficult to generalize and Robb Wolf clearly acknowledges this. He gives practical steps for shifting to optimal nutrition and gives plenty of tools to utilize in the process. We have gifted this book many times and it is the Holy Bible of our kitchen.

4. Healthy Gut, Healthy You – Dr. Michael Ruscio


As you start to get familiar with modern health strategies and treatments, you will start to see that there is a common theme of gut health. Although Hippocrates knew the importance of gut health as it relates to the health of the whole, some two thousand years ago, we are now just cracking into understanding the gut. Dr. Ruscio not only gives us the science but offers a step by step process to heal our own guts in order to make significant improvements to our health. For those of you that struggle with stomach-related issues, this book can be the difference between perfect health and years of excessive medical treatment.

5. The Better Baby Book – Lana and Dave Asprey


Even if you’re not planning on having kids for years, we suggest reading this book. Like most health-related subjects, pregnancy and birth are filled with false information, misconceptions, and medical procedures that are unnecessarily risky. As the Asprey’s explain, what your parents and even grandparents do and eat can impact your health. This book offers up-to-date information on what to be doing prior to, during, and after pregnancy in order to have the healthiest baby possible. It offers alarming statistics about cancers, Autism spectrum disorders, and other common conditions associated with birth. It only takes a slight disturbance to create a lifetime of woes for a child. If you want nothing but the best for your kids (or future kids), then this book is a must-read. 

6. Estrogeneration – Anthony G. Jay


Dr. Jay will blow you away with his book explaining the world of chemicals that are influencing our daily lives. We pay so much attention to diet and exercise, but fail to recognize the hundreds of substances that are negatively impacting our health each day. This book goes into some alarming detail about how the items you use (household cleaners, personal care products, candles, carpet, etc.) are destroying your health; specifically your Endocrine System. It exposes the poor regulation of chemicals and offers resources to determine the best products to use. If you’ve made dietary and exercise changes and still don’t feel like the best version of yourself, you may have something going on at the biochemical level. Dr. Jay’s book is the next step for you to take.

7. Tales from the Blast Factory – Adam and Andrew Marr


There is a ton of information coming out about the effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries. Although football gets the most media coverage, TBI’s effect everyone from our military professionals to children playing sports to the average Joe who bumps his head. It is becoming quite evident that TBI’s cause a hormonal response that can cause both short and long-term effects ranging from changes in mood and personality to full blown PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The book shares the tale of Green Beret Andrew Marr and how a series of TBI’s effected his stateside return. Working with Dr. Mark Gordon, Marr was able to relieve the symptoms of PTSD through careful hormonal adjustments. The book offers a new and hopeful approach to treatment of TBI’s.

8. Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins


If you are looking to implement any change in your life, Tony Robbins is your go-to. There are thousands of self-help books and resources out there but none can compare to Tony Robbins. People who know of Tony Robbins usually fall into two camps: those you love him and those who think he is some drink the Kool Aid self-help guru. It’s no coincidence that the people who apply his concepts are wildly successful and content with his life. Some of the most successful people in the world (read: Bill Clinton, Mother Theresa, Leonardo DiCaprio…) either work directly with Tony or have used his material.


His book has the ability to make all the complexities of life seem so simple. Even though it has some outdated references, the content is more relevant than ever. This book is the OG of the self-help market and the practical content is the reason why over one million copies have been sold.


There you have it. Now that you are equipped with a newfound reading list, it’s time to get to grab your favorite coffee beverage and get reading! Go into your readings with an open mind and accept that the generalized path our country is on is simply not working. Be willing to make unpopular change and be prepared to reap the benefits.

Most importantly, remember that change takes time and effort. Although some changes you implement can impact your life within a few days, the process as a whole is never ending. There are constant adjustments that need to be made and fine tuned. Break your improvements into chunks and always keep the big picture in mind!

What do you think of our list? Did we leave any books out? We want to know! Leave a comment below!


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