BMH Dog of the Week: Sibling Edition! – Cooper and Hazel

Introducing the BMH Dogs of the Week: Sibling Edition, Cooper and Hazel! These energetic pups are two peas in a pod, always right by each other’s side, either playing tug-o-war, hiking everyday or using each other as pillows during nap time.


Here are your BMH Dogs of the Week: Cooper and Hazel


 Cooper – Goldador (Mom is a chocolate lab and Dad is a golden retriever)

              Hazel – German Shepherd

Age: Cooper – 16 weeks

          Hazel – 10 Weeks

Favorite Foods: They love to eat everything and anything (except hooman food, of course). Especially bones and allll the jerky treats they can get their paws on.

Favorite Toys: Shark and Bunny toy, fur sure and mostly anything that can be used for tug-o-war

Favorite Activities: Hiking is one of their favorite activities, so much that they do 3-5 miles daily

Instagram: @adventuresof_cooperandhazel



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