Review: Coconut Chews

Our Maddie girl generally eats all her toys. We rarely buy her ropes or stuffed animals because she will destroy them within minutes. Our concern isn’t the money that we are dumping down the drain or the poor stuffed animal who saw its’ life end too soon, it is that Maddie is consuming parts of these toys. There is enough trouble with dog “food” in the market today, it’s easy to imagine what horrible chemicals and synthetic materials are used in the making of dog toys. This is why our attention shot up when we came across CocoChew Coconut Husk Toys one day while perusing the Interweb.

The Product


CocoChew Coconut Husk Toys are made from, you guessed it, coconut husk. The basis of the company is to create products that are all-natural in order to help your dog live a healthier life and to minimize the impact on the environment. We really respected the company’s mission and it seemed that they solved an issue that we had; Maddie consuming parts of her toys. If she ate this toy, it was not a big deal because it was just coconut. It didn’t take us very long to put our first order in.

After browsing Cocochew’s products, the first thing we noticed was that the prices were a little high. We are full-blown Amazon Prime addicts, so we are used to finding everything for cheap and having it on our door steps within 48 hours. Here, we were looking at some fairly expensive dog toys with traditional shipping, which in 2019 feels like the pony express (nothing against Cocochew, they don’t have the numbers that Amazon does to provide free two-day shipping, just a reality). The website’s claims ultimately got to us as we couldn’t argue with a product that was all natural and would even clean our dog’s teeth as she chewed!

We decided to get both the Cocochew Classic and the Coco Ball Large. The two toys put us a little over $30 and we ended up getting free shipping, which was a nice bonus. $31.98 for two toys was not an ideal purchase, but we thought it was worth a shot. Perhaps it would be the high quality product that we were looking for and we could worry much less about Maddie consuming parts of it.


The Arrival

About 5 or 6 days after ordering, Maddie’s new toys arrived. Upon unboxing, the first thing we immediately noticed was how disappointingly small the Cocochew Classic was. We weren’t expecting a carnival-prize sized toy, but for $15.99, we were expecting some bang for our buck. The reality was that the chew was fairly tiny and looked better suited for a Yorkie or a Frenchie. Maddie looked a little awkward next to the small toy.

The ball, on the other hand, was pretty impressive upon unboxing. It was tightly wound and was well sized. It looked sturdy and had a nice weight to it. In our minds, we were one for two. We thought that the best way to determine how we really felt about the product was to let Maddie have at it. After snapping some pictures, we tossed the ball and rope chew to Maddie and let her go to work.



The Results

It didn’t take long for us to get the results in. Within about ten minutes Maddie had the rope unraveled and fraying at the ends. It wasn’t completely destroyed, but it got to the point that we had to take it away from her. We knew it was an all natural coconut product, but consuming it like regular food was certainly not a great idea. The company even notes this in their welcome letter that accompanies your order. They suggest heavy chewers only use if for 10-20 minutes daily. It appears Maddie classifies higher than heavy chewer…


Since Maddie had no problem with the rope, we decided to monitor her with the ball much more closely. Any time she treated it like a chew toy we would take it away from her. This method allowed us to extend the life of the ball, but it only made it about a week and a half. Then this happened…




The worst part about the ball coming undone? It looked like a giant spider and freaked us out every time we caught it in the corner of our eyes. Less than two weeks after spending over $30 on two toys, we had two mangled products sitting in Maddie’s toy basket. She completely lost interest in them and has not touched them since we put them in her basket. Apparently she feels as if she has accomplished her mission!

Overall, it was a disappointing experience. What seemed to be a quality product, made by a promising company with a meaningful mission, turned out to be a product that performs just like many of its synthetic counterparts. What made the experience even more frustrating is that Maddie has shown maturation with how she treats her stuffed animals. She has been playing with her duck for a few months now and has only taken out a little stuffing. This is what made us hopeful that she would be able to maintain the Cocochew toys, but to no avail.


Our experience, however, will not necessarily be your experience. We don’t hate the product and we think it has a place with the right dogs. Moderate to heavy chewers would probably be best looking elsewhere, but smaller dogs and lighter chewers will probably do just fine with it. If you monitor your dog closely and don’t allow her to use the ball as a chew toy, the ball becomes worth it. However, it is pretty upsetting when you turn your back for one minute and your $15 ball is mangled in your living room!


Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.55.35 AM

We give CocoBall and Cocochew Classic 3 out of 5 paws.

Pawsitive points for:

  • Size of the ball
  • All natural coconut husk
  • Look, feel, and weight of the ball
  • Company mission, environmental impact

Negative points for:

  • Size of the Cocochew classic
  • Price
  • Durability



When looking at a product, we always ask ourselves, “Would we recommend this to a friend?” In the case of Cocochew products, the answer is, maybe. If you have a smaller dog who is not a heavy chewer, you support small companies, and you care about environmental impact, go for it! If you have medium to large dogs that are moderate to heavy chewers, we would recommend exploring other options. The all-natural aspect does not make up for the steep price and the inability to hold up over time.

What toys do you use for your pup? We want to know! Leave a comment below 🙂




Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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