Newest addition to our coffee repertoire: “The Chemex”


'Chemex-Style Coffee’

As you can tell from the name of this site, we are huge coffee lovers. We even have a dedicated coffee corner in our little kitchen. Making coffee every morning has become a habit for us. So, After getting frustrated with our single-serve coffee machine, and not being able to find one that didn’t have plastic parts (estrogenic-free household) or that required k-cups or pods, we researched further into Chemex style coffee brewing.


We were hooked after the first go-round with using ours – the taste is noticeably different and the consistency is a lot less watery. The true Chemex brand was a little expensive for something we weren’t sure if we’d even like, so when I came across a bootleg version of the glass coffee maker upon one of my shopping trips at Century21, I decided to buy it and give it a shot. Needless to say, we have not used our old coffee machine since opening the Bodum Brand Coffee Maker.

During one of our Youtube binges, we saw a barista making coffee with a weird curvy glass contraption and were immediately intrigued. I’d seen and used the french press method, but this was a new one for me. While it looked interesting, it seemed too time consuming and messy to fit in with our busy lifestyle. However, after using the Chemex, I don’t know that I will ever go back to a regular coffee machine!

How do you operate one of these things?

All you need is: 

35g (5.5 Tbsp) coffee  •  525g (2 cups) water  • Coffee filter  •  

The ideal water temperature is from 190° to 200° – you can do this by boiling the water and letting it sit for one minute.

Using a gooseneck kettle allows for a slow and steady pour, and it just looks cool.


Step 1: Rinse Filter

  • Unfold the filter and place into the mouth of the chemex, placing the 3 layers on the spout side. Preheat your chemex and filter with hot water. This will seal the paper and the glass. Discard of the water or pour into your coffee mug to preheat.IMG_0473

Step 2: Add Coffee

  • If you are grinding fresh coffee beans, you want a consistency of kosher sea salt. Place 35 grams (roughly 5.5 tablespoons) of ground coffee into the rinsed filter. IMG_0477

Step 3: Wet the grounds

  • Slowly pour just enough water to soak the grounds. Stir and set a timer for 45 seconds.IMG_0484

Step 4: Add more water

  • After the 30 seconds pass, pour water in a slow, circular movement to re-wet the grounds and then steadily pour the water into the middle of the filter until you reach 525 grams. Using a scale really helps here.IMG_0486

Step 5: Watch

  • Let the coffee finish brewing. This should take about 4 minutes total. IMG_0489

Step 6: Enjoy!

  • Pour coffee into your preheated mug, and enjoy 🙂 


What do you use to get the best cup of coffee? We want to know! Leave a comment below!

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