Use These 2 Sentences to Vastly Improve Your Life

You are not smart enough. You certainly don’t have the right genes. You aren’t disciplined enough and don’t have the right background. You weren’t fortunate enough to go to the right school. You definitely aren’t one of the lucky ones who caught a break and are living a fantasy life. Does this sound familiar? When you tell yourself that you want to work from home, make six figures, and still have time to get the kids off the school bus, does your inner voice respond with something along the lines of that’s reserved for other people?

If this is the case then let me be the first to tell you that you inner voice is wrong. You can have everything you want in life. You can be in better shape now than you were ten years ago, start the company you dreamed of, and be the absolute best version of yourself. In addition to hard work, time, and effort, and it is going to require a shift in mentality and language. You need to believe absolutely and unconditionally that you can and will achieve whatever it is that you desire. If your inner voice is not on board than you will constantly be facing doubt and fear.

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Some of the best things that we have in our lives are a result of us hearing unfavorable input, ignoring or denying it, and taking a chance. I’ll give you a simple example. When we were considering getting a dog we started doing extensive research into what type of dog would be right for us, whether or not we would be able to manage it, how often we would have to let the dog out, etc. All the internet “experts” lead us to believe that we were unfit and unable to own a dog. We were not able to stay home with the dog all day, it was not right to have a dog in an apartment, we are active and like to go places on the weekends. We started to believe what we read and our inner voices started to tell us that it was a bad idea.

We finally stepped back and asked ourselves, why not us? There are plenty of people out there with dogs, are we less responsible and competent than they are? No way! We are awesome and love dogs! Fast forward a year and we have the greatest dog in the world, she’s happy, healthy, gets tons of exercise, and I could not imagine our life without her! Had I listened to all the internet people  that have an opinion and the inner voice in my head (initially), we would not have my dog, but more importantly our dog would not have us.

Stop limiting yourself and telling yourself that you cannot do something or that you cannot have something. Start raising your standards and expectations that you have for yourself. You deserve every intricacy this life has to offer just as much as the next person. Why should you have to work 9 hour days at a job that you don’t like only to come home exhausted, cranky, and stressed because you have 3 hours to yourself, 2 of which will be making dinner and getting ready for the next exhausting day? You shouldn’t! So stop acting like it! Remind yourself that you are awesome!

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If you go through the motions of life and stay on your current dissatisfied path, you will get a dissatisfied life! But if you up your energy, raise your standards, and start acting like you are already living the life you desire, a new outcome will manifest and you will start seeing great changes in your life! In John Steinbeck’s classic novel, East of Edenthe ever-wise Samuel states,  You’re going to pass something down no matter what you do or if you do nothing. Even if you let your-self go fallow, the weeds will grow and the brambles. Something will grow.” Something will grow. Are you going to let the weeds take over because you choose not to invest in yourself, to better yourself, and to set the bar high? Or are you going to take action, plant the seeds of change, and watch the beautiful garden of your dreams bloom and flourish?
Try This: For the next 48 hours, any time you face a situation that you would usually shy away from because you feel inferior try the following:
  • Remind yourself that you are awesome.
  •  Ask, “why not me?”
Simple, right? The hostess puts you at the table by the kitchen instead of the front window and you are deciding whether to speak up, I am awesome, why not me? You find a new job online and think that it will be a reach, I am awesome, why not me? You have an idea to make change in the world and have an impact on the lives of others but are not sure where to start, I am awesomewhy not me? You want to use the free weights at the gym but there is only a little space left, I am awesomewhy not me? Really feel and and believe it! You will be amazed with the outcome!

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***Feeling hesitant? Think about this! There are people on this earth that are doing more than you who have started with less than you. What’s even worse is that they are probably less talented than you, not as smart as you, nor as qualified yet they are living the life that you want! Enough! Get out there and start asking yourself the right questions! Believe in you! You can have whatever you desire, this world is abundant and waiting for you to take advantage of the resources available to you.
Are you awesome? Why not you? Let us know what you think! Leave a comment below!

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