The Great Liver Cleanse Experiment

After many months of talking about it, we decided to dive headfirst into a liver cleanse. After hearing a couple of podcasts with Elaina Love, we could not turn ourselves away from the potential benefits of doing a 5-day liver flush. Our research told us that we would push through a few rough days only to be rewarded with newfound energy, complete rejuvenation, and the clearing of gallstones, something that seems totally gross yet amazing for your body.
After finally deciding to do it, we planned out what our next five days would look like and kicked off the process. We did some research, printed out materials, and listened to the podcast again. Our fridge was fully stocked with fruits and veggies for soups and smoothies that were going to be the only types of intake throughout the cleanse. Our hearts were as full as our fridge, and we were determined to succeed! There was nothing that could derail us from doing the cleanse perfectly.image-1
The only problem was, very few things went as planned. After the first day of eating not-so-appetizing soups and smoothies, we realized that we were not enjoying what we were consuming. Not a big deal, except that when we went back to the literature we realized that we could have been consuming better tasting foods. This immediately gave us a sense of failure. We did not plan as well as we had hoped and now we had this nagging belief that we could be eating better meals. Knowing that there were better food options that we were not eating made us want to throw the towel in early and move on. The thought of wasting all the food that we did buy, however, convinced us to push on.By the end of the second day, with caffeine withdrawals and hunger pains in check, we decided to break course and consume a smoothie that was not on the menu. Was it allowed? Probably, considering all the ingredients were involved with other smoothies. Did it feel right? Not entirely, it kind of felt like cheating. However, when doing something like an intense 5-day liver cleanse there is only so much you can push yourself to do. We had reached a point where the pleasure of doing the flush was outweighed by the pain of eating the not-so-great green smoothies.
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Throughout the next couple days there were continued compromises and breaking away from protocol. We did not do exactly was the instructions said, In fact, we reached our breaking point on night 3 and decided to start the actual flush (involving chugging 3/4 cup of olive oil with grapefruit juice!) a day early so that it would be a 4 day flush instead of 5. So that’s it, we are cheaters, awful people that can’t even do a 5-day cleanse, right? Wrong!
Our experience with our liver cleanse is what many people experience on a daily basis, especially with diets or changes to personal nutrition. We set out on a journey with good intentions, we do our homework and make up our minds as of to how it is going to play out. Then reality hits and things do not go exactly as planned. We reach a breaking point and start to steer off-course. The next thing you know, we consider ourselves complete failures and revert back to our old habits, the safest thing we can do.
This, of course, is the wrong mindset to have. When attempting something challenging, whether it be a 5-day cleanse, a diet or nutrition program, a new skill or hobby, or anything else, we need to accept the fact that it is not going to go exactly as planned. Instead, we should focus on the small victories that occurred from trying something new in order to better ourselves. Even if what ever you are trying is a complete failure, acknowledge the fact that you took the time to plan something that is aimed at improving yourself. That alone is a success and shows that you have enough self-respect to better yourself.

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Applying this to our 5-day liver cleanse, we learned a great deal from the experience, We bettered our ability to fast for prolonged periods, our management of hunger pains increased, and our self-discipline was seasoned. Our digestive systems were given a much needed break from processing big, bulky foods, which allowed our energy to be distributed elsewhere, thus causing even further restoration in our bodies. Our muscles were relieved from tightness and soreness since we shut down our exercise program for a few days, which had added mental benefits as well.
As you can see, the benefits of the cleanse, although not exactly what was outlined in our plans, were abundant. The key to calling our journey a success was shifting our focus from what we got wrong to what our victories were. A simple mental shift allowed us to realize that we were wildly successful with our cleanse!
Think of how this change in focus can apply to your life. What goals are you attempting to achieve right now? Are you sticking exactly to the plan? Of course not! There are going to be bumps and bruises along the way. Make adjustments, correct your course, and, most importantly, look for your successes!
Have you ever done a cleanse? What type? How did it go? We want to hear your comments below!

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