Alert: Laziness Is Not Species Specific

We had a peculiar realization recently in regards to laziness. We unfortunately had our first long day in a while and Maddie had to lounge around the house a little longer than usual. Don’t get me wrong, she still had a good amount of exercise. We walked her first thing in the morning, had the dog walker come by at lunch for a nice midday stroll, and ran her at the park after work. Some of you are probably questioning how we had an epiphany about laziness on a day like this!

Exercise aside, Maddie was laying on the couch a lot more than she usually does. She hates being alone during the day and constantly wants to play, chew on her bones, or sniff around to find out what’s going on. Right around dinner time, the guilt trip of leaving her all day started to roll in so we tried to engage Maddie in some indoor play. To our surprise, Maddie was very lethargic and not in the mood to play. Perhaps she was being spiteful and was a little pissed off at us (not likely), but it took a great deal of our energy to get a minimal rouse out of her.


This lack of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm (and any other “e” word you want to throw in there) got us thinking about humans and the vicious cycle of inactivity that so many people face daily. Our modern times make our lives so simple that, if we so pleased, we could literally spend the entire day on the couch. We look for the latest and greatest pill or supplement to give us energy because we just can’t seem to find any. We fail to look at the fact that the majority of our day is spent sitting; in the car, at the office, on the couch at home, at dinner, etc. Then we wonder why we feel flat and why we would rather watch tv instead of getting a workout in.

“But hey, I go to the gym! “That very well may be true, BUT, do you go to the gym with raw, natural energy and absolutely crush a workout? Do you feel great every time or are most of your workouts spent simply going through the motions, scrolling through Instagram, and looking for the right song to get you motivated?

If you are the person who moves well and often throughout the day, odds are you are the one who has the great workouts/energy. Those of you that conserve energy all day long (read: sitting on your bum) probably find it very difficult to get yourself going. Working out, playing with your kids, or taking Rosco on a walk becomes laborious and often falls by the wayside. Logically speaking, one might assume that when you sit around you should have more energy for when you finally put yourself in motion. Observationally speaking, we can tell that this is most certainly not the case. The more we sit around and let our laziness kick in, the less energy we have and the more difficult it is to move.


Maddie helped us realize an important point for both Canines and Sapiens alike; we must move frequently and consistently throughout our daily lives in order to have the best mood and energy. It is not enough to front/backload our physical activity and spend the day inactive. If we are truly concerned with achieving optimal health for our dogs and ourselves, then we must make it a point to move often during the day.

…we must move frequently and consistently throughout our daily lives in order to have the best mood and energy.

With this new found information you have a great opportunity. You know that you and your beloved pet need to move more during the day, so why not do it together? Go for a brisk walk, play tag, do some yoga, or simply roll around! Whatever the movement you choose, always keep in mind that the more you move the easier it will be and the happier you will both feel! More importantly, when you and your dog are active together you strengthen your relationship and isn’t that why you got a dog in the first place?

What did you think of the post? We want to hear! Leave your comments below and let us know how you and your dog are able to get moving throughout the day!


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